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Sourcing and Recruitment

Our aim is to seek out and provide companies the best and most qualified personnel.  We are able to meet urgent hiring ramps for our BPO partners because of our vast pool of resources.  ​​​​

Our team is equipped with sourcing and recruitment specialists whose job is to weed through the sea of qualified people to present to our clients the very best.

In line with sourcing and recruitment isExecutive Search.  We realize the ability to fill executive, managerial, multi-lingual, and technical positions is a tedious and taxing feat for most companies.  We take pride in our ability to fill these positions for our clients, allowing them to focus on their respective lines of business.

Work Colleagues

Recruitment Process Outsourcing / RPO

An RPO provider acts as an in-house recruiter for a business, providing efficiency and flexibility to the recruitment process. It relieves employers and HR professionals of administrative burdens and delivers a seamless, high-touch experience for job candidates.

Offshore Recruitment / Virtual Recruitment

It’s no secret that finding and hiring top talent can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. However, in today’s competitive job market, finding ways to get noticed by the crowd and attract the best candidates is more crucial than ever. Offshore recruitment is the process of recruiting candidates from another country. Organisations adopt the method to find candidates with specific skill sets or save on costs

Asian woman having a job interview

Executive Search

We understand the sensitivity behind placing managers, senior managers, and executives.  This often requires a different type of recruitment - one that is highly personalized that takes the desired company culture and personalities of existing personnel in mind.  We work closely with hiring managers to ensure the right placement, capitalizing on our extended network of professionals.

This service is sought after by start-up companies looking to build teams from scratch.

 HR Admin Outsourcing

As an alternative to engaging a manpower (DO-17A) agency, we provide outsourcing of administrative functions for companies who choose to directly employ their personnel but don’t want to handle the monthly or annual requirements.  Included in HR Admin outsourcing are:

- Timekeeping
- Payroll computation
- Monthly government contributions computation


We also accept other ad-hoc functions such as renewal of business permits, licenses, and the like.

HR Consultancy

 Sourcing and recruitment is just the beginning of the journey when it comes to on-boarding personnel.  The real work happens after they have on-boarded.  We provide a monthly HR Consultancy for companies who need assistance in:

- Creating and implementing policies
- Coaching and counselling

- Disciplinary actions
- Retrenchment or Terminations
- Labor cases

Training and Development

Successful companies are learning companies.  We realize the importance of empowering individuals with skills and competencies. 

Our modules vary from corporate training seminars to call center training.  We can also customize curricula to effectively train and prepare our applicants according to the specific needs, and lines of business of our clients.

Partner with us!

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