Posted: October 20, 2011 | Author: Cristina Tuvera 

Five Reasons to Take Pride at Working in a Call Center

Call center jobs are no longer a temporary stop while we look for something better. A lot has changed about the call center industry that we should reconsider being a part of it.

  1.  The Call Center Industry is here to stay.  Whether you like it or not, call centers are becoming the bread and butter of the Philippine economy next to dollar remittances from our relatives abroad.
  2.  Starting salary packages and benefits at Call Centers rival mainstream professions, with packages ranging from 13k to 21k.
  3. You don’t need a college degree.  Not all qualified, intelligent Filipinos can afford college.  The call center industry recognizes this and gives jobs to qualified workers anyway!  There are accounts for high school grads and 2 year college students also.
  4.  Call centers provide careers.  Service Representative is just a stepping stone because within a call center there is an insane amount of room for growth.
  5. The demand is high.  Having tenured experience at a call center guarantees you work options once you leave that company.


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