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Service Delivery Ops Manager


  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Minimum 10 years’ experience and increasing responsibility in a leadership role focused in the area of business process outsourcing

  • Must have RTR and/or OTC experience

  • 5+ years of quantitative and conceptual problem-solving experience (equivalent to service delivery operations)

  • Strong oral and written communication skills supporting a required ability to articulate clear ideas and strategies

Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee ~270 FTEs o With RTR or OTC domain expertise.

  • Global scale Ops Management experience

  • Strong communication, project management, stakeholder management skills.

  • Manages whole Global Intercompany process

  • Supports high quality work through a positive environment

  • Monitors efficiency of Intercompany team with a focus on improvement

  • Ensures site meets performance objectives

  • Responsible for Intercompany financials including expenses, labor and facility costs

  • Maintains agreed service levels for Intercompany process

  • Produces site scorecard metrics as needed by Client and Accenture leadership

  • Front line contact for Client operations for questions or issues surrounding service levels specific to Intercompany process

  • Identifies additional non-client specific training for staff to enhance skill sets among all levels

  • Remains current on risk management/insurance trends, client initiatives and other necessary topics

  • Assists in the creation of Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) for staff not meeting expected production or quality targets

  • Creates incentive programs and performance awards

  • Proactively identifies and initiates processes that will improve client perception.

  • Serves as a mentor and role model for all unit employees

  • Coaches Intercompany team acclimate to Accenture culture and methodologies

  • Shares ideas freely and openly to build a collaborative unit

  • Creates a Great Place to Work environment

  • Performs and/or manages special projects as approved for the client, under the direction of the Unit Lead

More Information

92,000 - 150,000

Full Time




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