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Recruitment Sourcing Supervisor


  • College degree or equivalent, relevant experience.

  • Recruiting Operations or Sourcing BPO experience preferred.

  • Assist in the creation and implementation of recruitment/sourcing strategies.

  • Work in close collaboration with the Recruitment Team for lead generation and to ensure all lead channels are utilized.

  • Awareness of social media channels (Tiktok, IG, etc) is a plus.

  • Must be able to generate, summarize, and explain recruitment reports to management.

  • Must be amenable to work in Makati City.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for lead generation, screening, and providing vital assistance to recruitment operations.

  • Assists in the maintenance of accurate and concise records and reports concerning all phases of the recruitment process, including dashboards and statistics.

More Information

25,000 - 32,000

Full Time


Hybrid - Onsite


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