Global Headstart Specialist Provides Call Center Jobs in Makati

Posted: October 19, 2011 | Author: Maria Mercado

Are you looking for a call center job?  Global Headstart Specialist, Inc. is the premier provider of call center jobs in all of the Makati area.
Some people think that all call center jobs are equal but this is not the case, especially in Makati where the bulk of call centers in the Philippines are concentrated. Be particular about the call center you apply at, take your time and consider the following:

Salary Package – The average starting salary for a call center agent in Makati ranges from 13k to 21k depending on the company and depending on your educational and work background.

Benefits – A good call center provides benefits apart from food and transportation allowance.  Medical and dental benefits should be standard.  Rice allowance, birthday bonuses, etc. are added benefits you should keep an eye out for.  I know of a few that even help you go back to school after a few years of service!  13th month pay, by the way, is mandated by Philippine law and not considered an added benefit.

Accounts – Call center jobs in Makati vary in the accounts they handle. There are pros and cons to each type of account. Is it an outbound account where you make calls to people or an inbound account where you receive calls?  Is it a technical support account where you need to be good with software and computers?  Is it an in-house account where the foreign company owns the call center or is it an off-shore partner to a foreign company?

Company Culture – How does the company treat its employees?  What’s the attrition rate?  What’s the dress code?  Can you fit in the prevailing company culture?

Room for Growth – A good call center in Makati provides room for growth for its agents.  Do you want to be a trainer someday?  How about a team leader?  Supervisor?  Back office support?

Location, Location, Location – Is it in Makati? Where in Makati (because not all areas within Makati are equal)?  How far is the call center from your home?  Is it accessible by affordable and public transportation?

Searching for a call center job in Makati can be daunting which is why the team at Global Headstart Specialist, Inc. can help you find the best one for you.  They can help you get the headstart on your career in one of the leading call centers in the city!

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